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Stainless steel processing tables

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Stainless steel processing tables Featured

Sirex specializes in the production of strong and sturdy stainless steel processing tables made of AISI 304 SB stainless steel.

Our high-quality products are intended for large professional kitchens used by food service professionals in both the HO.RE.CA channel and the medical field. These can be found in bars, pastry shops, butcher shops, dentist’s studies, hospitals and medical laboratories.

We produce stainless steel furniture according to the highest standards of hygiene, functionality, durability and safety.

Each element is welded and designed down to the smallest details - including edge finishing.

All of the elements in our catalogue are customisable in terms of size, alloy, thickness, radius and shape.

Our designers will provide you with a feasibility check of the project, with an accurate and detailed quotation and also with a 2D/3D design and rendering.

Choosing Sirex means investing in the reliability of Made in Italy products.